Professor Kundakovic currently teaches two courses that are available through the Department of Biological Sciences at Fordham University:

BISC 4532 – Neuroscience [Syllabus]
This is an advanced undergraduate-level lecture course which serves as an introduction to the rapidly moving and very exciting field of Neuroscience. The course covers the basic structure of the nervous system; types of brain cells; gene regulation in the brain, and explores how brain cells work and communicate. Students also learn about the neural mechanisms underlying sensory and motor systems as well as complex behaviors, including emotion, sleep, and learning and memory. Finally, the course explores risk factors and mechanisms underlying mental disorders and their treatments. The class concludes with the emerging field of neuroepigenetics, exploring how the environment and our genes interact to shape brain structure and function.

BISC 8710 – Seminar in Genetics (Grant and Proposal Writing) [Syllabus]
This is a graduate-level seminar course. In this course, students gain practical experience in writing and reviewing thesis/dissertation and grant proposals, which are generally based on the students’ own research plans. They also learn to identify proposal strengths and weaknesses, ways to improve proposals, how to write an NIH- and NSF-style CV as well as how to prepare the budget. These skills will aid proposal writing as well as scientific communication more generally.

Courses previously taught at Columbia University:

PSYC G4498 – Behavioral Epigenetics – Graduate/advanced undergraduate-level seminar course; (2012)
PSYC G4499 – Behavioral Psychopharmacology – Graduate/advanced undergraduate-level seminar course; (2011-2013)